Motor racing at Arena Essex Raceway


Motor racing at Arena Essex RacewayMotor racing at Arena Essex Raceway
Motor racing at Arena Essex RacewayMotor racing at Arena Essex Raceway
1.00pm   Monday, 28 August - Rawlins Transport Unlimited Big Van Bangers plus 2L Stock Cars, Ministox and Ninja Karts Southern Championship

1st Race 1.00pm, gates open to public at 11:00AM
Admission prices on the gate - Full Price (15 – 64): £15.00,
Concessions: (under 5's free), Children (5 – 14): £5.00
Family Ticket (2 * Full Price and up to 4 Children): £40.00,
Senior Citizens (aged 65+): £10.00    Disabled (Blue Badge Holders): £10.00
Carers (accompanying wheelchair users or disabled children only): £10.00

Admission includes car park and programme - (Programmes subject to availability)
No need to pre-book. Purchase tickets at the gate. 

If you liked yesterday then you’ll love what we have in store today as the 2l Stock Cars and the Ministox return, we have the welcome return of the Ninja Karts in their Southern Championship and the Banger folk roll out in the biggest tin they can find for this years’ annual Rawlins Transport Unlimited Big Van Banger Championship.
You will need to go back a way to the PRI Sprint Cup for the last visit of the Ninja Karts, a formula based around a sort of cross between a Sprint Car and a Kart, all miniaturised down for the youngest drivers that you’ll see on this circuit – the youngest of our drivers will be about 6 years old! The formula is controlled as far as what they race so it’s all down to skill, courage and a bit of luck. You may even recognise a few names as it isn’t unusual for some of the drivers to be descended from oval racing greats!
Apart from the ages, of course, I could say similar things of the Ministox who had a real go of it at our last meeting.
Suffice to say that while plenty of drivers have been grabbing the trophies through the season, it is clear that the main rivalry this season has been between Dave Shearing and Aaron Totham, though last meeting’s battle with Charlie Morphey and Harry Overy made things that much more interesting overall with some fantastic finishes that even upstaged some of the adult finishes at times!
You might think that the 2l Stock Cars would get to take things easy today as they aren’t looking for points for the Supreme Championship grid – that comes in our next meeting a couple of weeks from now – but nothing could be further from the truth. Besides the need for points towards the driver’s championship, which Phil Wise currently controls, the question needs to be asked; who can stop Bill King? He has been winning constantly for some weeks and it seems that nobody can keep up with him. Is this going to continue or will somebody decide to take him on? Remember, this is a limited contact formula so a nose into the centre is allowed and, sometimes, encouraged!
We refer to the formula as the Big Van Banger formula but we have been known to be a bit flexible when it comes to what actually qualifies as a big van. Generally and historically, we tend to think of Transits, Bedfords and Sherpas taking part in this meeting and while we still see the modern equivalents in this annual event, don’t be too surprised if somebody brings out something a little unusual. Minibuses are not uncommon but we have even seen full sized coaches and council buses doing the rounds at this meeting in years gone by and some drivers make it a regular habit to find something that perhaps hasn’t been done before. Have a look in the pits, perhaps, to see if you can spot the odd bits of tin that could give us something to talk about in today’s meeting!
And with that, we look forward to our next meeting at 1pm on Sunday, September 10 when, as I mentioned earlier, the 2l Stock Cars contest their last qualifier for this year’s Supreme Championship, the Lightning Rods and Stock Rods also put in an appearance as well as the PRI Bangers. Also don’t forget that we are now four weeks away from the 47th ORC Banger World Championship!

Arena Essex Raceway
Arena Essex Raceway