Motor racing at Arena Essex Raceway

PRI Fixtures Overview

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Sunday, 22 July
PRI Bangers and Caravan Race, plus Lightning Rods Q/R 2, Stock Rods Q/R 2 and 2L Stock Cars Q/R 2

Sunday, 05 August
National Bangers World Final Wild Card, plus 2L Stock Cars, Ministox English Championships and Lightning Rods Essex Champs

Sunday, 19 August
National Micro Bangers World Series Final, plus Lightning Rods Q/R 3, 2L Stock Cars Q/R 3 and Stock Rods Essex Champs

Monday, 27 August
PRI Bangers, plus 2L Stock Cars Essex Champs, Lightning Rods and Stock Rods Q/R 3

Sunday, 09 September
PRI Bangers, plus 2L Stock Cars, Lightning Rods and Ministox

Sunday, 23 September
48th O.R.C. National Bangers World Championship Finals, 2L Stock Cars Supreme Championship + TBC

Sunday, 07 October
PRI Bangers ORANGE CAR DAY Skeefy Memorial, plus Stock Rods, 2L Stock Cars and Lightning Rods Supreme Champs

Sunday, 21 October
National Bangers (1800cc No Mondeos, Cougars or Vectras etc.) PRI Legends Meeting for the Ronnie Martin Memorial (drivers must be retired or + 50 and raced prior to 1995), plus Ministox and Stock Rods Supreme Champs

Sunday, 04 November
FIRECRACKER XXVII Unlimited National Bangers and Robin Reliants + TBC Plus Shellshock’s Fantastic Fireworks Display