We are delighted to announce PRI has found a new home - Swaffham Arena... Swaffham are now members of the ORCi as well as the ‘official’ new home for PRI. Already running the PRI 2L Stock Cars hey will be looking at other PRI formulas in the future (excluding the National Banger World Final). However due to both location and needing to run as a ‘Pay to Race’ track (due to limited spectator numbers) there are restrictions meaning they are unable as yet to run some of the formulae that PRI promoted when at Arena Essex. Swaffham Arena is pleased to be able to provide greater benefits for our drivers by being members of the ORCi and look forward to the season ahead with great enthusiasm

It is with a heavy heart we at the Arena Essex Raceway need to announce we sadly closed our race pit gates for the last time at our final event of 2018, Firecracker XXVII.

We would like to say a massive thank you all to all who supported us over the past 41 years.

1978 to 2018