Advertising on the Arena website

Your advert will appear on all pages of the Arena Essex Raceway website at a frequency determined by the % purchased.

You can choose from different sizes and prices to suit your needs.

Advert positioning in the Directory is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Adverts must not include audio. No animations.

An active URL link or your company name must appear on your advert.

All web-ready graphics are to be supplied by you, although we can arrange for a pdf, jpeg or GIF artwork to be converted to a suitable web advert for a small fee.

All above prices are subject to V.A.T.

(* Adverts will be randomly displayed each time a page is opened. The frequency that your advert appears will be determined by the % of advertising you have purchased - buy 100% and your advert will be displayed continually; buy four multiples of 5% and your advert, on average, will be displayed on 20% of the pages visited by users.)

Advert StyleWidthHeightFile Size6 Month Fee12 Month Fee
Skyscraper120px600px<30kb£40 per 5%*£70 per 5%*
Vertical Banner120px240px<18kb£35 per 5%*£60 per 5%*
Square Button125px125px<10kb£30 per 5%*£50 per 5%*

To discuss your advertising requirements further, please telephone us  during office hours or send us an email   with your contact details and we'll get back to you.